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Dung Hill lookout point in the Old Town

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Dung Hill lookout point in the Old Town

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Don’t miss this viewpoint point in the Old Town. From here you can see the other half of Warsaw – Praga, the National Stadium and the Vistula River.

The viewpoint is located in the Old Town, for which we created a separate overview.

This is a touristic overview of the lookout point in the Old Town. Click on the button below to see all viewpoints in Warsaw.

Admission prices

The viewpoint is open to the public.

Warsaw touristic area?
Yes | Old Town
Brzozowa, 00-286 Warszawa
How to get
The viewing terrace is only 150 m from the market square, on the river side. The Old Town is quite small, so take a leisurely walk down the small alley off the main street Swietojanska.

What can you see from up here?

In the dark past, the lookout terrace in the Old Town was the collection point for rubbish and feces. After a few hundred years, quite a bit accumulated. This procedure continued until the middle of the 19th century. It was during this period that this handsome hill was “created”, on which a building even stood (until 1944).

During the reconstruction of the Old Town (1947 – 1956), the building was abandoned and the panoramic terrace with a view of the Vistula, the Praga district with the dominating St. Florian’s Cathedral and, far in the hinterland, the national stadium, built for the 2012 European Football Championship, were designed.


The viewing platform is barrier-free in itself, but the Old Town is not the best place for wheelchair users. In any case, help is needed here.

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