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The best tickets for public transport for tourists in Warsaw

In this post, we would like to introduce you to the best tourist tickets for public transport in Warsaw. When tourists stand at the ticket machines, they often don’t know that there are significantly better and cheaper tickets available for the duration of their stay. In principle, one only needs to keep three tickets in mind, which are relevant for most tourists in Warsaw and cover over 90 percent of all types of tourists.

One Ticket Zone

Those who have been to Paris or London know how difficult it is to understand the complex world of zones. Germans are happy because they can finally say that there is something worse and more complicated than the German tax system. Just as in Germany one might need a tax consultant, in the mentioned cities, one needs a zone explainer.

In Warsaw, the system is quite simple. The entire city area of Warsaw is Zone 1. All neighboring municipalities are integrated into the Warsaw transport network and belong to Zone 2. Zone 1 is for everyone moving within the Warsaw city area. Zone 2 is only relevant for commuters and students.

For all tourists, this means: always buy the ticket for Zone 1 when purchasing tickets.

One Ticket, All Modes of Transport

Once you have purchased a ticket, you can use it for all modes of transportation. This includes bus lines, trams, and the metro. Additionally, you can also use the suburban fast train from the central station to the airport or vice versa.

The Best Tourist Tickets in Warsaw

Now let’s move on to the respective tickets. As mentioned, there are three of them: the 24-hour ticket, the 72-hour ticket, and the group weekend ticket.

24-Hour Ticket for a Day Trip

Are you actually only in Warsaw for half a day or a whole day? You arrive in the morning and leave again the next day? Then the 24-hour ticket is the right choice for you. The validity period is 24 hours from the moment of validation. If you stamp the ticket at 10:30 am on Thursday, it is valid until 10:30 am on Friday. You can read the end time on the back of the stamped ticket.

Price 15 PLN / 3.5 EUR

72-Hour Ticket for the City Break

Planning a city break in Warsaw and staying for three days? Then definitely get the 72-hour ticket. In this case, the ticket is valid for a full 72 hours from the moment of validation.

Price 36 PLN / 8 EUR

Another option is the weekend ticket. It is valid from Friday 7 pm to Monday 8 am, totaling 61 hours. It is also slightly cheaper. This ticket is valid for both Zone 1 and Zone 2 by default.

Price 24 PLN / 5.5 EUR

Weekend Ticket for the Group

Now comes the absolute highlight among the tickets. The weekend ticket for up to 5 people, valid from Friday 7 pm to Monday 8 am. The only disadvantage here is that the group must travel together. But the advantage is the price for a group of 5 people. The ticket costs only 40 PLN, which is approximately 9 EUR. For 5 people, it is only 1.8 EUR per person for the entire weekend.

Sometimes we think that the city of Warsaw made a mistake here. Maybe the official made a typo? On a weekend, the ticket is already worth it for 2 people.

Price 40 PLN per ticket (5 people) / 9 EUR

All you need to know about public transport in Warsaw

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