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65km | Brochow. Baptism church of Chopin

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65km | Brochow. Baptism church of Chopin

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brochow-chopin-baptismIn the church of Brochow, Frédéric Chopin was baptized in 1810. Several years earlier, his parents were married here. Chopin’s birthplace in Zelazowa Wola is just under 10 km away.

Brochow is a village with 400 residents. Besides the church, there is nothing else to visit here. We recommend stopping by this locality as part of a thematic tour about Chopin’s life.


T his building is a church with a defensive function and, from a distance, it looks more like a castle. The builder was Jan Brochowski, the owner of these lands. The fortified church was supposed to bring more glory to his family, but unfortunately, that did not happen. The manor house was demolished in the early 20th century.

What makes this fortification special are the preserved outer walls with corner bastions and pointed towers with loopholes, which were converted into windows in the 18th century. The bastions had loopholes on two levels, allowing for the defense of the field around the fortified church. Originally, there was a moat in front of the bastions, which is no longer recognizable today.

The fortification was never defended. The Swedes burned down the fortified church during the Polish-Swedish War in 1655.

In this church, the parents of Frédéric Chopin were married, and he was baptized here in 1810. His birthplace is in the village of Zelazowa Wola, which is 10 km away.

Distance from Warsaw
65 km
Distance from Zelazowa Wola (birth house of Chopin)
10,6 km
05-088 Brochow
How to get?
CAR: You can reach the baptismal church in Brochow ONLY by car (possibly by bicycle).

What else is there in the vicinity?

Zelazowa Wola | Birth house Chopin | 10 km |

In English: Frédéric Chopin was born in 1810 in a manor house in Zelazowa Wola, which still exists to this day.

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Entrance fee

No entrance fee is required to enter the church.


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The church is barrier free.

Main image © Hubert Smietanka

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Brochow | No entrance
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    Corner bastions with loopholes, defensive towers with embrasures, and a well-preserved fortification wall.
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