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Luggage storage in Warsaw

You have a few good hours between flights or trains and would like to visit the city or go shopping? Maybe the flight is in the evening, but the key drop already in the morning? So where to put your suitcase and luggage? Luggage storage in Warsaw is possible, you just have to find the right place. We want to help and have compiled a list of luggage storage places in Warsaw.

Old Town

Luggage storage | Warsaw Old Town

In Piwna Street, since 2019, there is finally a corner in the Old Town where you can comfortably store your luggage.

22 PLN per day
Piwna 29, 00-288 Warszawa
Opening hours
Mon - Fri | 10am - 6pm
Sat - Sun | 10am - 4pm
+48 601 306 556
Central Station | Lockers

luggage-storage-station-warsawCentral Station | Lockers

The central station also has lockers where you can leave your luggage for several hours. There is only one small problem: it is quite difficult to find the lockers. The station is connected underground with the shopping gallery “Zlote Tarasy” and the corridors resemble an insurmountable labyrinth.

Find the lockers

1.From the main hall of the station

In the middle of the main hall, look for the escalators leading down. At the bottom, turn right and walk to the T-junction in front of a glass wall. There, on the right side, you will already see a long corridor with the lockers.

2.From the shopping gallery Zlote Tarasy

Go through the sliding door at the main entrance of the mall (the central station is behind you). On the other side of the revolving door, go left to the escalators and go down one floor. At the bottom go straight through and climb the stairs. Now cross the glass wall. Behind it on the left side you will see the long corridor with the lockers.

IMPORTANT: Only cash accepted! Here, exceptionally, you can only pay with cash. Banknotes can be exchanged for coins in a vending machine.

Preis für 24h
Groß: 14 PLN
Klein: 12 PLN
Typ "Golf" oder "Ski": 16 PLN
Aleje Jerozolimskie 54, 00-024 Warszawa (unterirdisch)
Kontakt (Bahnhof allgemein)
+48 22 474 40 86
Stasher | Online buchen

Stasher | Book a luggage storage online

Stasher is a website where you can search for a place for a storage from your cell phone, pay directly and drop off your luggage.

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