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Zapiecek, King of Dumplings

Price Old Town and Royal Route | polish
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Zapiecek, King of Dumplings

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zapiecek-in-warsawThe restaurant Zapiecek in Warsaw is best known for its dumpling, which we call pierogi, with countless and seasonal fillings. Although there are now good alternatives, Zapiecek remains an excellent choice.

Why do we recommend this restaurant?

T he operators of the restaurant chain focused on a specific product very early on and advertised it. Therefore, it is not surprising that when the topic of pierogi comes up, “Zapiecek” is the first thought in Warsaw. We get positive feedback from guests from all over the world about the interior, the service and the disches. The overall picture is coherent and the guests like it.

It doesn’t take a star chef to prepare pierogi with over twenty fillings. However, you can do a lot wrong. Someone who is only spending a few days in Warsaw and is travelling a long way for it does not want to be disappointed at the lunch or dinner table. You don’t take any risks with Zapiecek. They know their business and know that their pierogi is their speciality.

Other dishes such as Polish sausages or potato pancakes with goulash are also tastily prepared here. We would also like to recommend the soups that are cooked in Zapiecek. You can tell that the cooks follow a tested and safe recipe, which in the case of Polish cuisine is the right way to go.


Single or chain restaurant
Local chain restaurant with 6 establishments in Warsaw
Speciality of the house
Dumplings (pierogi)
In the touristic area?
Yes | Old Town and Royal Route
Seat reservation possible?
Yes, but only from Monday to Thursday. Otherwise only in special circumstances.
No contact number
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There are 6 locations in Warsaw. We have marked them all on the city map below.

Opening hours
Mon - Sot | 12.00 - 22.00
Kitchen closes
1 hour before closing time
Alcohol on offer
Yes | Beer, wine, vodka (classical)
Craft Beer
Suitable for bigger groups?
Yes, but only in Krakowskie Przedmiescie 55, Nowy Swiat 64 and Aleje Jerozolimskie 28
Payment methods
Cash and card
Table service
Service charge
10 % from 6 persons
Tip recommendation
10 %
Highchairs for children
Yes, but not in all locations
Not allowed, even on a leash
Free Wifi

Speciality of the house

Dumplings | pierogi

The speciality of the house are definitely the dumplings, in Polish pierogi. Depending on the season, there are sweet fillings such as strawberries or raspberries. The best-known filling is the Ruthenian variety, or fillings with minced meat, mushrooms, sauerkraut or all mixed together.

You can order a mix or decide individually which filling goes into which dumpling. The waitresses have a very good memory.


Poland is not only the country where the most dumplings are eaten per capita, but also a country of soups. At Zapiecek we recommend the beetroot soup or the most Polish soup Zurek, a sour flour soup. It is impossible to describe the taste of this unique soup. It is best to try it yourself.

Vegetarian friendly

With regard to the dumplings, there are numerous fillings that are without meat. The Ruthenian version of the pierogi consists of a cheese-potato mixture. There are also the variants with sauerkraut, spinach or mushrooms. The soups are made with a meat base. But Polish cuisine is also aware that there are more and more people who want to eat meatless. So just ask the waitress (in fact, I’ve never seen a waiter there).

Price ranges

10 PLN - 30 PLN
10 PLN - 30 PLN
Main dishes
7 PLN - 40 PLN
10 PLN - 12 PLN
Cold / hot beverages
10 - 20 PLN

0,5 l beer + most expensive dish + dessert: 80 PLN

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