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Warsaw Railway Museum

Price EUR 6 Business District (Wola) | 6€
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Warsaw Railway Museum

EUR 6 per person

railway-museum-in-warsawFor lovers of steel giants, there is the Railway Museum in Warsaw with possibly the heaviest exhibition in the city. A visit to this museum is particularly well-received, especially among children. Due to its central location, it is easily accessible.

Short description of the exhibition

T he Railway Museum in Warsaw is the largest of its kind in Poland. It takes you through the history of the railway from its beginnings to the present, not only in Poland but also in Europe and worldwide.

The largest exhibition space, located directly behind the ticket counter, presents the global history of the railway. Over time, the focus narrows down to the development in Poland. Everything is well-explained and even understandable for laypeople.

A delightful sight for the eyes is the wide variety of locomotive and wagon models. In another room, tools and uniforms are displayed.

The highlight is outside: Old, mostly restored locomotives. Here, the heart of railway enthusiasts beats faster!

Why do we recommend this museum?

T he Railway Museum offers a special exhibition. It is ideal for children and teenagers, but adults also find enjoyment here. Most museums in Warsaw are historical museums, sometimes it’s nice to have something simpler.

We are positively surprised by the size of the exhibition, especially the locomotives standing on the old tracks in the outdoor area. One can learn a lot here, especially when booking a guided tour with a museum guide. All in all, the museum leaves a very good impression, is well-organized, and the exhibition is worth the money.

Subject of the exhibition
Collection of monuments from the field of railway technology
Raum und Zeit
Polen des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts
Im touristischen Bereich
Ja | Zentrum
+48 22 620 04 80 (103)
Towarowa 3, 00-811 Warszawa
Wie zu erreichen?
150 m südlich ist die Bus- und Straßenbahnstation "Plac Zawiszy" | Auf dem Plac Zawiszy gibt es eine Veturilo-Fahrradverleihstation | 500 m nördlich ist die Metrostation "Rondo Daszynskiego"
Opening hours
Mon - Sun | 9am - 5pm
Last entrance
30 minutes before closing time
In-house museum guides
Yes (more details on the website of the museum)
Duration of visit with museum guide
1 hour
Language of the descriptions
Payment methodes
Cash and card payment
The exhibition area

Book a museum guide

We recommend booking a museum guide with expert knowledge. It significantly enhances the value of the visit.

Museum guide in English
250 PLN
Through the website or by writing us an email at info@walkingwarsaw, and we will assist you.

Entrance fees

Free entrance
18 PLN
10 PLN
Family ticket (2 ad. + max. 3 children)
38 PLN
Warsaw Pass

Buy e-ticket on website of the museum

Website of the museum

Practical information

There is an access road leading to the museum entrance, where you can find nine bicycle parking spaces.

In front of the entrance, guests have access to a free, though not supervised, cloakroom. A changing table is also available.

On-site, visitors can purchase literature from a small in-house library (mainly in Polish).


In the museum are toilets also for disabled people.

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