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Polish Vodka Museum

Price EUR 16 Warsaw Praga | Entrance: 16€
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Polish Vodka Museum

EUR 16 per person

polish-vodka-museum-warsawA guided tour of the museum will be followed by a professional vodka tasting. After this event you will be well prepared not only historically but also practically for a Polish wedding and trained in Polish alcohol drinking traditions. Na zdrowie!

Please note The museum can only be visited with a museum guide. The tours take place every 20 minutes, 40 minutes after every full hour the tours are in English.

Short description

T he Vodka Museum was opened in 2018. Unfortunately, it can only be visited with an in-house museum guide. The tour lasts 60 minutes. The tour is followed by a vodka tasting (included in the ticket price).

Topics covered during the tour:

  • the definition of Polish vodka (protected geographical indication)
  • the importance of raw materials for the production
  • Polish traditions with regard to consumption
  • the individual stages of production
  • impressive exhibition of vodka bottles

Vodka was still produced in the building until 2007. Due to financial difficulties, the company had to file for bankruptcy. This museum was opened in one of the former production buildings. You couldn’t find a better place in the whole of Poland for this culturel institution.

Why do we recommend this museum?

E verything you need to know about vodka can be found out here. After the tour, you can also participate in a professional vodka tasting. Among other things, you will learn why vodka should not be frozen.

What we like about this museum is the overall picture. There are individual elements that we don’t like so much, but they don’t destroy the idea of the presentation.

Last but not least: the Museum of Polish Vodka is located on the premises of the Praga-Koneser Centre, one of the hippest places in Warsaw. We are firmly convinced that the stay here will be a very positivie experience.

Topic of the exhibition
Definition, history and production of Polish Vodka + Vodka Tasting
Space and time
Poland from the 16th century till today
In the touristic area?
Yes | Warsaw Praga (district Praga-North)
Contact (Museum)
+48 22 419 31 50 (landline)
Plac Konesera 1, 03-736 Warszawa
How to get?
METRO: Metro station "Dworzec Wilenski" is 10 min. away
TRAM: Tram lines 3, 6, 13, 20, 23, 25, 26, 28 to station "Zabkowska" (600 m to the museum)
Opening hours
Tue - Sun | 12AM - 8PM
Last guided tour
English | German | French | Spanish
Duration of guided tour
45 minutes tour + 15 minutes vodka tasting
Language of the descriptions
Polish | English
Payment methods
Cash and card payment

Vodka bar with terrace

The vodka bar is located on the 3rd and 4th floor of the building. You can reach the bar from the main entrance of the museum. Go inside, pass the reception on the left and take the lift (or walk) to the 3rd floor. From the terrace you have a beautiful view of the Koneser Center and in the evening you can enjoy beautiful sunsets from here.

Chocolate café Wedel

To the right of the museum reception is a Wedel café. In addition to a coffee, it serves delicious cakes and chocolate products, especially hot chocolate in winter. The Wedel chocolate factory is located just a kilometre from the museum. This is a Polish and mainly Warsaw chocolate company.

© City of Warsaw

Guided tour with us

The museum only has in-house guides. However, we co-operate closely with the museum when it comes to guided tours in German or English. If you are interested, please use the contact form at the bottom of this overview.

Admission prices

Normal (Basic)
70 PLN
Normal (Premium)
80 PLN
ISIC card
Yes (Mon - Thu up to 26 years)
Warsaw Pass

The Warsaw Pass ist a Combo Tourist Ticket. | Learn more about it |

Buy e-ticket on museum website


The museum is located in the Praga Koneser Centre, for which we have prepared a separate overview.

No entry

© City of Warsaw


The museum meets the requirements of a barrier-free museum.

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  • Category
  • Maximum group size
  • Highlights
    Movie in the in-house cinema, impressive exhibition of vodka bottles, professional tasting of three types of vodka
  • Wheelchair accessibility


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