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Museum of Warsaw

Price EUR 6 Old Town | Entrance: 6€
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Museum of Warsaw

EUR 6 per person

museum-of-warsawThe Museum of Warsaw is located in 9 buildings on the Market Square in the Old Town. It offers a lot of interesting insights into history, art, and culture of the city.


I n 9 buildings, which are externally separate but internally interconnected, over 8000 objects are displayed in 21 rooms on 5 floors. At the very top, there awaits an observation point with a wonderful view of Warsaw’s Market Square.

Here’s what you can see at the City Museum:

Basement Area

Archaeological finds from the Warsaw region, large-format infographics with data and facts about Warsaw, history of the townhouses where the museum is located.

Ground Floor

Paintings and monuments of the Warsaw Mermaid, miniatures of monuments, Warsaw souvenirs, postcards, architectural details, plans, and maps of Warsaw.

1st Floor

Photographs, panoramic paintings of Warsaw, architectural sketches.

2nd Floor

Medals, bronze figures, clothing, portraits, silver objects and plates.

3rd Floor

Collection of the famous collector and bibliophile Ludwik Gocel, packaging from Warsaw companies, patriotic accessories, relics.

4th Floor

Collection of the famous Warsaw Schiele family.

5th Floor

Museum’s Highlight Observation Point.

View from viewing terrace

Why do we recommend this museum?

T he museum underwent a major overhaul and was reopened in 2016. The communist ambiance is now history. The new edition of the exhibition is modern, insightful, and informative. Importantly, the labels are not only in Polish but also in English. For German-speaking guests, there are audioguides available.

The exhibition is also limited to the essentials and is divided into four groups. You won’t be bombarded with information, and you can still take away something meaningful in the end. Most importantly, you learn a lot about the city itself. The exhibition doesn’t just focus on history.

The highlights of the museum are the original zinc Mermaid (a bronze copy stands on the Market Square) and the observation point on the top floor.

Topic of the exhibition
Exhibition on the history of the city of Warsaw, from its beginnings to modern times.
Space and time
13th - 21st centuries
In the touristic area?
Yes | Market Square in the Old Town
Contact (museum)
+48 22 277 44 02
Rynek 28-42, 00-272 Warschau
How to get?
ONLY ON FOOT: The museum is located on the Market Square in the Old Town, which can only be reached on foot.
Opening hours
THU - SUN | 11am - 8pm
Mo - Mi
Letzter Einlass
30 Min. vor Schließung
DE | EN | PL
Hausinterne Museumsführer
Besichtigungsdauer privat
2 Stunden
Sprache der Beschriftungen
Polnisch | Englisch
Bar und Karte
The interior

What else is in the museum?


On the ground floor of the museum, there is a cozy café. We recommend taking a short break from time to time to ensure you have enough energy throughout your visit.


In the library, there are also English-language books. Additionally, you can also purchase beautiful souvenirs here.

The basement

Guided tour with us

Price for guided tour
75 €
90 minutes
German or English
max. group size
20 people
+48 507 980 921 (mob/WhatsApp/SMS)
+48 22 408 47 85 (landline)

Entrance fees (main exhibition)

Free of charge
25 PLN
18 PLN
Up from 10 people
Norm. 18 PLN/person; Red. 12 PLN/person
Family ticket 2 adults + max. 6 children
50 PLN
Yes (26 years)
Warsaw Pass

Special prices

Special exhibitions have different prices. You can also purchase combination tickets. Further details are available here (in English).


e-ticket on website

Exhibition of miniatures



The museum is completely accessible after the renovation. However, the Old Town is not. So, be prepared that individuals with limited mobility may need assistance to reach the museum.

For people with wheelchairs or walkers, there is a different entrance accessible from Nowomiejska Street. When you stand in front of the main entrance of the museum, turn left, then turn right at the end of the facade row, and after 50 meters, you will see a niche entrance on the right side with a disabled symbol on the wall and a doorbell (Polish: dzwonek).

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