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Museum of Pharmacy

Price EUR 3 Old Town | Entrance: 3€
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Museum of Pharmacy

EUR 3 per person

museum-of-pharmacyThe Museum of Pharmacy in Warsaw is certainly not among the most visited museums in Warsaw, but it boasts one of the most original exhibitions in world of museums.

About the museum and the exhibition

T he Museum of Pharmacy is small and charming. Its origins date back to the 1970s and 1980s. Initially, it was a private collection gathered by several pharmacists who amassed a considerable collection in a pharmacy located in downtown Warsaw. When this group sought patronage, they found it in the Museum of Warsaw, of which it has been a branch since 2002. Unlike pharmaceutical museums in other parts of the world, which are typically located at universities, aligning with a scientific-medical narrative in their exhibitions, this museum focuses on the historical and cultural aspects.

The museum is named after Antonina Lesniewska (1866-1937), who, in her pharmacy, was the first in the world to employ only women, aiming to facilitate women’s access to the pharmacy profession.

The exhibition comprises old furniture, containers, packaging, and tools typical of a pharmacy from the past. Many containers still hold liquids from long-forgotten times. The Museum of Pharmacy primarily houses objects from the late 19th century to the end of the 1930s.

In the first room, visitors can see a typical setup of a pharmacy from Wolomin (40 km east of Warsaw) from the interwar period. The museum’s cash register is also part of this furniture collection. Some notable exhibition objects include:

  • Pharmacy book from 1895
  • Antique corking machine shaped like a crocodile
  • Autoclave
  • Pocket spittoon

Book of Pharmacy

In the next room, there’s a large table where guests can study the books displayed there, mostly in Polish. Additionally, it serves as a place to learn more about the namesake, Antonina Lesniewska. There’s a display case in the room containing an urn holding ashes from the building of the Polish Pharmaceutical Society.

Moving into another room, vibrant glass containers are exhibited. The uranium-green glass brightly glows when the room’s lights are turned off.

The last exhibition space houses objects showcasing Japanese pharmacy art.

Topic of the exhibition
The exhibition is called "Res pharmaceuticae" and presents the history of pharmacy; it also includes exhibition pieces from distant Japan.
Space and time
Pharmacy worldwide, particularly Poland, Russia, and Japan; 20th century.
In the touristic area?
Yes | Warsaw Old Town
Piwna 31/33, 00-265 Warszawa
Contact (museum)
+48 22 831 71 79 (landline)
How to get?
The Museum of Pharmacy is located in the Warsaw Old Town, which can only be accessed on foot. Just a few meters away is the medieval marketplace.
Opening hours
Wed - Sun | 10 am - 6 pm
Monday and Tuesday
Last entrance
30 minutes before closing
Audioguides available?
Internal museum guides?
Duration of private visit?
1 hour
Language of the descriptions
Polish | English
Payment methods
Cash and card payment

Guided tour with us

Upon request, we are happy to organize a guided tour with a trained museum guide. Please use the attached contact form for this request or mention this part of the visit in a general inquiry.

Admission prices

Free of charge
12 PLN

Website of the museum

The Museum of Pharmacy is located in the Old Town, for which have created a touristic overview.

Touristic overvew
Public and private tours


The website has a separate section for information regarding access for people with limited mobility.

A ramp can be installed at the museum entrance. The Old Town, in general, has somewhat uneven terrain. On the streets Wąski Dunaj and Piwna, where the museum is located, there is a specifically smooth lane for wheelchairs.

Parking spaces for people with disability permits are available in the following streets: Zapiecek 1 (1 space), Kanonia 8 (2 spaces), Podwale 3 (3 spaces), Podwale 11 (3 spaces), Kilinskiego 1 (1 space).

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