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Museum of Independence

Price EUR 5 Inner City North | Entrance: 5 €
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Museum of Independence

EUR 5 per person

museum-of-independence-in-warsawPoland regained its long-awaited independence 123 years after the Third Partition of Poland on November 11, 1918. The exhibition at the Museum of Independence in Warsaw showcases the challenging journey towards freedom and the associated political difficulties.

Short description

T he museum was opened on January 30, 1990. Prior to that, the Lenin Museum (1955-1989) was located here.

The palace housing the museum was slated for destruction during the city’s reconstruction after the World War because its centuries-long owners were seen as oppressors of the proletariat. A broad east-west avenue was planned to run through the building. However, the Warsaw population vehemently opposed this decision and prevented the demolition. Today, one can see how the east-west route navigates around the building. Consequently, the palace stands on a large traffic island.

1. Polonia Restituta 1914 – 1921

This section offers insight into the era of World War I, which saw the downfall of many kingdoms but also the emergence of several republics, including the Second Republic of Poland. Some texts are in English, but the descriptions of the pictures and photos are only in Polish.

Visitors here learn about the founding fathers such as Jozef Pilsudski, Roman Dmowski, and Jozef Haller, and their influence on the formation of the new Polish state.

For Poland, the struggles over the eastern border did not conclude in 1918. Instead, a war against the Bolsheviks had to be fought until 1921.

The Greater Poland Uprising of 1918, led by Ignacy Paderewski, is also noteworthy, primarily because it was the only successful Polish uprising.

2. With the White Eagle Over Centuries

The White Polish Eagle has been a significant symbol for the Polish people since ancient times. This section illustrates the evolution of this crucial symbol for the Polish nation.

Topic of the exhibition
Formation of the Second Republic of Poland (1918-1939/1989); Struggle for the Eastern Border 1919-1921
Space and time
Eastern Europe 1863 - 1921
In the touristic area?
Yes | Close to Royal Route and Old Town
Aleja Solidarnosci 62, 00-240 Warszawa
Contact (Museum)
+48 22 826 90 91 (landline)
+48 22 827 27 70 (landline)
How to get?
METRO: The museum is just a few minutes away from the "Ratusz-Arsenal" metro station. It takes a 15-minute walk from the Old Town.
Opening hours
Tue & Thu - Sun | 10 am - 5 pm
Wednesday | 11 am - 7 pm
Duration of private visit
1 hour
Language of the descriptions
Polish | English
Payment methods
Cash and card payment

Guided tour with us

We also arrange museum tours at the Independence Museum. Inquiries can be made through the general contact form. It’s also possible to incorporate a museum tour into a general city walking tour.

Admission prices

Free of charge
20 PLN
10 PLN
Yes (till age of 26)
Warsaw Pass

E-ticket on the website

The museum does not have an online booking system. However, rest assured that there won’t be long queues here.

Website of the museum

The museum is located in the Przebendowski Palace, for which we have created a separate overview.

Touristic overview
City Centre



Barriers despite renovation works

The museum reopened in 2019 after a lengthy renovation phase. We were pleased to see that consideration was given to people with disabilities. However, some hurdles remain. The three access stairs in front of the museum have been removed, but three curbs remain.

In the reception hall, there are three more large staircases to navigate. Due to their historical significance, these could not be altered. However, a stair climber is available, and the museum has appropriately trained staff to assist.

Otherwise, the museum is well prepared for wheelchairs. Some individuals in wheelchairs might find it slightly challenging to read the labels on certain exhibits. Overall, however, the accessibility test for wheelchairs at the Independence Museum is positive.

Adjusted height of the labels/signage
All exhibits visible?

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