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Miniature Park

Price EUR 3.5 Inner City (Centre) | Entrance:3,5 €
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Miniature Park

EUR 3.5 per person

miniature-park-warsaw The miniature park is closed until further notice.

Short description

T he miniatures are in a 1:25 scale. None of the buildings exist. Most of them were destroyed during the Second World War. Some others, however, were demolished under different circumstances.

The following buildings are exhibited:

  • Saxon Palace from 1842, state of 1938 (area of the model with surroundings – 18 m²). Buildings of the Saxon Garden from the 1st half of the 18th century – the Great Salon and the Iron Gate, state of 1763 (area: 8m²).
  • Kronenberg Palace from 1871, condition from the first years after completion (area: 17m²).
  • Granzow Residence Tenement from 1880, condition at the end of the 19th century (area: 12m²).
  • Warsaw Stock Exchange from 1877, condition end of the 19th century (area: 14m²).
  • Inn from 1841, condition approx. 1870 (area: 18m²).
  • Karas Palace from 1775, condition immediately after completion (area: 10m²).
  • Lubomirski Palace from the 18th century, condition after reconstruction and during the building shift in 1970 (area: 18m²).
  • Summer Theatre in the Saxon Garden from 1871, condition towards the end of the 19th century (area: 12m²).
  • Bielinski Palace after reconstruction in the first half of the 18th century (area: 16m²). The model is currently being completed
    Large synagogue from the 19th century

Why do we recommend the miniature park?

T here are many reasons why we recommend this park. However, what convinces us so much is the exhibition and the people behind this tremendously difficult project.

The buildings no longer exist, which means that the creators have to create the palaces, prayer houses and half-timbered houses based on old texts, photos and descriptions. This is much more difficult than putting up a copy of an existing building. So hats off for that.

But the people in charge and those who came up with the ideas are also personalities with a rare vision. It takes a lot of research and good coordination to conceive and create each miniature.

Therefore our recommendation: have a look at these miniatures. Especially the last project, the Great Synagogue, whose interior has been meticulously reconstructed.

Thanks to a good cooperation, the texts have been translated into German by us. It is also possible to book a group tour or a private tour with our guide Antoni.

Topic of the exhibition
Miniatures of buildings in Warsaw that no longer exist (including the Saxon Palace)
Space and time
17th - 20th century
In the Warsaw touristic area?
Yes | Inner City (Centre)
Contact (museum)
+48 502 312 134
+48 530 833 280
Corner of Swietokrzyska Street and Marszalkowska Street
How to get?
METRO: The Miniature is located at the metro station "Swietokrzyska"
Opening hours
The Miniature Park is closed
Last entrance
30 minutes before closing
Audioguides in English
In-house guides
Duration of private visit
60 minutes
Language of the descriptions
Polish | English | German | French | Spanish
Payment methods
Cash and card payment

Website of the park

The website is deleted.

Admission prices

14 PLN
12 PLN
Family ticket (2+2)
35 PLN
From 10 people
16 PLN / person
Children under 5 years
Free of charge
6 - 7 years
8 - 12 years
10 PLN
ISIC card
Yes (till 26 years)
Warsaw Pass

Reservations are necessary for groups

By phone
+48 509 833 332
+48 530 833 280
By mail


The miniature park does not have an online booking system.

If you would still like to purchase tickets before arrival, write to us: we will do it for you!



The park is barrier-free.

Main image © Walking Warsaw

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