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Jewish Historical Institute

Price EUR 4 Inner City North | Entrance: 4 €
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Jewish Historical Institute

EUR 4 per person

jewish-historical-institute-in-warsawAlongside the famous POLIN Museum, the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw is the most important institution on the subject of Jews in Poland in general and in Warsaw in particular.

Short description of the exchibition

T he Jewish Historical Institute presents one of the most fascinating and simultaneously saddest stories from the time of World War II in Warsaw. Amidst the immense inhumanity, a small and dedicated group manages to safeguard the so-called Ringelblum Archive from the destructive force. The exhibition captivates guests and brings to light unimaginable destinies. For those interested in learning as much as possible about the Jewish heritage in Warsaw and Poland, we highly recommend a visit to this institute, in addition to the POLIN Museum.

The Ringelblum Archive, or Oneg Shabbat, was included in the UNESCO World Documentary Heritage in 1999 under the English designation Warsaw Ghetto Archives.

Why do we recommend this museum?

The secret Ringelblum Archive, which received the code name Oneg Shabbat, is a preserved underground archive from the Warsaw Ghetto (1940-1943). Emanuel Ringelblum led the archiving group. The collection is exhibited in the institute.

In addition, there are two permanent exhibitions on the topics of “Jewish Life in Poland/Warsaw” and “The Destruction in the Holocaust.

Topic of the exhibition
Ringelblum Archive and two permanent exhibitions on Jewish life in Poland and the extermination during the Holocaust.
Space and time
19th century (Poland) to 1943 (Warsaw)
In the Warsaw touristic area?
Yes | Inner City North (not far away from the Old Town)
Contact (museum)
+48 22 827 92 21 (113) (landline)
Tlomackie 3/5, 00-090 Warszawa
How to get
The metro station "Ratusz Arsenal" is right next to the Institute
The Castle Square in the Old Town is 1 km away on foot.
Opening hours
Mon, Wed, Thu | 9am - 6pm
Tue | 9am - 8pm
Fri | 9am - 4pm
Sun | 10am - 6pm
Last entrance
1 hours before closing time
In-house museum guides
Yes | See website of the museum
Language of the descriptions
Polish and English
Payment methods
Cash and card payment

Admission prices

15 PLN
10 PLN
Ticket + Audioguide (English)
40 PLN
Free of charge
Family ticket 2 + min. 2
40 PLN
Free of charge
ISIC card
Warsaw Pass

Buy e-ticket on museum website

Website of the museum

The Institute is located right next to the plot where the Great Synagogue stood until 1943, for which we have prepared a separate overview.

great-synagogue-warsaw jewish
Near the Old Town
The main exhibition


The museum is barrier-free.

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Inner City North | Entrance: 4 €


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