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Barbican Museum

Price Old Town | Entrance: 0,5 €
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Barbican Museum

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The museum in Warsaw’s Barbican is a good place to take a discovering breather. It is located in the middle of the old town and is overlooked by many guests.

This is a touristic overview of the museum. We have not written a detailed description, as everything worth knowing could be accommodated here.

Guided tour with us

We only offer guided tours of this museum on request or include the Barbakan Museum in a private tour of the Old Town.
tour. Just indicate it in the booking form.

Website of the museum

This museum is a branch of the City Museum: [en]

The museum is located in the Barbakan, which is part of the medieval city wall. We have prepared a separate overview for the Old Town.

Admission prices

2 PL
ISIC card
Warsaw Pass

The Warsaw Pass is a combo tourist ticket | Learn more here |

One can buy a combo ticket for the Heritage Interpretation Centre, the Pharmacy Museum, the Barbican Museum and the Field Ordinariate Museum.

Price: 20 PLN / 15 PLN

One can buy a tourist ticket for all branches of the City Museum for 7 days: City Museum (main branch); Warsaw-Praga Museum; Warsaw-Wola Museum; Printing Museum; Korczakianum, Palmiry; Cultural Heritage Interpretation Centre; Pharmacy Museum; Barbakan Museum; Field Ordinariate Museum.

Price: 60 PLN / 40 PLN


Not necessary! Just enter and visit.

Theme of the exhibition
Archive photos from the time before the war and from the reconstruction. In addition, you can see such a defence installation from the inside
Space and time
16th century till 1953
Warsaw touristic area
Yes | Old Town; on the north side of the city wall
How to get
The Barbican is part of the medieval city wall on the north side and only 200 metres from the market square.
Regul. opening hours
Tue - Sun | 10am - 7pm (may - september)
Last entrance
30 minutes before closing
Own museum guides
Visit duration private
30 minutes
Language of the descriptions
Polish | Englisch
Payment methods
Bar und Karte

Why do we recommend this museum?

The Barbakan Museum is located in the middle of a sight that 99 per cent of tourists from all over the world pass by. And when there’s no virus wreaking havoc on the world, it’s pretty crowded in the summer season. The Old Town of Warsaw is by far the smallest old town of all major cities in Poland, and everyone basically uses only the one main street to look around here (Swietojanska). That’s why a trip to this museum is a kind of respite from all this hustle and bustle. In addition, there are very interesting archive photos to see here.

We don’t even need to talk about the price. The 2 PLN can be seen more as a symbol.

The ticket sellers are not always obliging. But we forgive them because they have spent too much of their lives in Socrealism.

Short description

The entrance is on the north side (coming from the market place on the right side). At the end, you come out on the south side. You walk around and see very interesting archive pictures. They are about the reconstruction of the Barbican and also of the old town. There are also a few lines about the Barbican.

The captions are also in English. But even those who don’t know English will find the photos interesting.


Our tips in the area | up to 500 m

Marie Curie Museum

The birthplace of Marie Sklodowska-Curie is also located here; today it is the only Curie Museum in the world. It is worth taking a look inside.

If you then walk along Dluga Street for another five minutes, you come to the Warsaw Uprising Memorial.

However, if you want to isolate yourself from all the tourists, we recommend the New Town Market Square and the surrounding cafés, bars and restaurants. It is generally much emptier there and therefore perhaps more relaxed.


The museum is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. There is no lift here.

Old Town | Entrance: 0,5 €
We do not offer explicit guided tours at the Barbican Museum. However, you can include it on a private tour of the Old Town or on a tailor-made tour of Warsaw.