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Warsaw Royal Route | Budget City Tour

Price EUR 10 10 € per person | 90 minutes
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Warsaw Royal Route | Budget City Tour

EUR 10 per person
Image © City of Warsaw   |    Deutsch

Here you can book a public guided tour (Budget City Tour) along the Royal Route and then through the Old Town. There is a 3-hour break between the tours. Take a look at the overview at your leisure. If you have any questions, please use the contact form at the end of the overview. Under “Book a tour” you will find the booking calendar.

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    What are Budget City Tours?
    These are guided tours for a small price per person with a licensed city guide. The difference to private tours is that anyone can take part here. At the same time, group sizes are limited to 30 people.
    Daily except wednesday
    Start time
    10:30 am
    1 hour 30 minutes
    1,6 km

    Meeting point

    Krakowskie Przedmiescie 1

    The Copernicus statue is 2 metres high and sits on a three-metre-high plinth. You cannot miss the monument.

    The city guide has a white umbrella with him!

    What you can expect

    Z ost, together with the city guide, you will discover the Warsaw Royal Route with the Holy Cross Church, where the heart of Chopin rests, the campus of the University of Warsaw, Pilsudski Square with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the two most expensive hotels in Warsaw (Bristol and Europejski | built in the second half of the 19th century), the Presidential Palace, the Palace of the President of the Republic of Poland, and the Palace of the Republic of Poland. century), the Presidential Palace, the St. Anna Church and finally the incredibly beautiful Castle Square with a view of the colourful and perfectly reconstructed Old Town and the Royal Castle.

    Afterwards, there is a break of almost three hours. So there is plenty of time to visit a restaurant, café or bistró, go to a museum and digest the first part of the tour. At 15:00 we meet again at Castle Square and explore Warsaw’s Old Town.

    We start with Piwna Street, one of the most romantic corners of the Old Town. The city guide will show you narrow alleyways, at the end of which town musicians play and ice-cream sellers offer their wares. You won’t have to flow along with the Herrscharr tourists, because we know our own secret routes that allow you to enjoy the Old Town to the full.

    You will visit St. John’s Cathedral (from the outside), St. Martin’s Church from the outside), the medieval market square and the Leaning Circle, enter the panoramic platform on the Warsaw “dunghill” and see a walled-in tank chain, the “German” bell, the city walls and the Barbican. Finally, the city guide will show you the birthplace of Marie Curie before continuing to the last stop – the Warsaw Uprising Memorial.

    We show our guests the city in a new kind of modern guided tour: Guiding 2.0 follows the philosophy that the guests have the right to get to know all possible facets and that dates and history facts are very important, but they should be put in the background – those can be read afterwards by everyone himself. With magnificent buildings, monuments and memorials as a backdrop, we would like to introduce you to life in the city as it really is – because you can’t read about it everywhere!

    So let our city guide seduce you, inspire you and win you over for the city!

    Holy Cross Church, where the heart of Frédéric Chopin rests; Warsaw University campus; Baroque Visitationist Church (from the outside); Tomb of the Unknown Soldier; Presidential Palace; St. Anne's Church (from the outside); Castle Square with Royal Castle and view of the Old Town.

    This is your city guide

    Your city guide on this tour will be Antoni. He grew up in Germany, has lived in Warsaw since 2013 and has been a licensed city guide for 6 years. He will show you the city according to the 2.0 guiding philosophy, saying, that dates and facts are important, but nevertheless, life is more interesting.

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    10 € per person | 90 minutes