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28 km | Museum of Iwaszkiewicz in Podkowa Lesna

Price EUR 3 Podkowa Lesna | Entrance: 3€
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28 km | Museum of Iwaszkiewicz in Podkowa Lesna

EUR 3 per person

iwaszkiewicz-museum-in-podkowa-lesnaThe villa belonged to Anna and Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz from 1928 to 1980. It is located only 28 km from the center of Warsaw and is an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city without losing the entire day. A trip is especially recommended for guests who are staying in Warsaw for a longer period.

Short description

S tawisko is administratively part of the Podkowa Lesna municipality, which has a direct train connection to Warsaw. In just about 35 minutes, guests can reach the town center and it’s only a 15 or 25-minute walk through forests and parks to reach the villa. The two distances depend on the choice: the first route goes through a park with well-established roads, while the second goes through a nature reserve. The villa was a meeting point for the Warsaw intelligentsia (a societal group in Poland and Russia).

Here, you can breathe the air from Warsaw’s pre-war times. The house, interior design, and atmosphere remain present in the villa even today. Paradoxically, it was during the time of World War II that the house and its owners experienced their heyday. So far, 58 names of refugees have been confirmed who found shelter with the Iwaszkiewicz family during the Warsaw Uprising and in the following months. Here, they could rest, process the trauma, and move on with proper care. Among the refugees were artists, writers, scientists, ministers, and entrepreneurs who had lost everything and only had their lives left.

Even before World War II, significant figures of Warsaw’s bourgeoisie were present here. Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz himself was a poet and artist. After the war, the list extended further. Visitors included Artur Rubinstein or the Belgian Queen Elisabeth of Wittelsbach.

After the owners’ passing, the villa was turned into a museum per Jaroslaw’s request.

Every December, the “Muzyczne Konfrontacje” (Musical Confrontations) festival takes place here. Music enthusiasts should not miss the festival. We are there every year too!

The office of Iwaszkiewicz
Distance from Warsaw
28 km
Contact (Iwaszkiewicz-Villa)
+48 22 758 93 63
Golebia 1, 05-807 Podkowa Lesna
How to get?
Best by WKD train from 'Warszawa-Srodmiescie' station to 'Podkowa Lesna Zachodnia' (+15 minutes walk) or 'Podkowa Lesna Glowna' (+25 minutes hike through the Parow Sojkek nature reserve). Alternatively, by car via Local Road 719. Google Maps will guide you.
Opening hours
Tue - Fri | 9 am - 4 pm
Sat + Sun | 10 am - 4 pm
Monday and bank holiday
Last entrance
30 minutes before closing
Language of the descriptions
Polish and English
Allowed in the park (leashed only)
Payment methods
Cash and card payment
Car and bus parking
Car and bus parking spaces are available on-site.

What else is there in the surrounding area?

The garden city of Podkowa Lesna | 1 km |

The villa is just a short 15-minute walk from the center (train station) of the town of Podkowa Lesna. This small town, with its approximately 4,000 residents, is a private investment of Warsaw industrialist Stanislaw Wilhelm Lilpop, who founded the garden city of Podkowa Lesna here in 1925. The city, with its symmetrical shapes and street layouts, was built around the train station (Warsaw access railway). Along with the Iwaszkiewicz family villa, the area forms an architectural harmony amid forests, parks, and vegetable gardens.

The villa is surrounded by a beautiful park

Admission prices

15 PLN
10 PLN
10 PLN
Guided tour
50 PLN

Groups must register at least two weeks in advance
There is an option to book an in-house museum guide. A guided tour lasts for 1 hour.

E-ticket on the website of the museum

The museum has no online booking system.

Besides the museum inside the villa, visitors can also freely explore the accompanying park. The town of Podkowa Lesna was and continues to be a residential area for the wealthier society. It is often referred to as a garden city and is open to everyone.

Website of the museum


People using wheelchairs are kindly requested not to travel to Podkowa Lesna or the villa without assistance.

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