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Bar W Oparach Absurdu

Price Praga District
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Bar W Oparach Absurdu

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stadtfuehrer-warschauThis is the most famous bar in the heart of Warsaw’s Praga district on Zabkowska Street (8). The highlight of the bar is the 0.5 cl shot glasses and the absurd décor, which makes it one of the cosiest bars in Warsaw. You should not miss it!

W oparach absurdu = In the fog of absurdity

Why do we recommend this bar?

Our quality guarantee On our portal there are only bars that we visit ourselves for the reasons described below. Nothing appears randomly on our page.

This is a bar you have to visit in Warsaw-Praga. What Praga is to Warsaw, Zabkowska Street is to Praga, and the bar is to Zabkowska Street: the hot spot for the alternatives among the normals. The bar immediately makes any life more pleasant, meaningful and exciting upon entering. One minute in the bar gives every guest the guarantee that they have found what they were looking for.

The name is no accident. The interior is absurd and crazy. Even the Mother of God Mary has her deserved place on the wall here. Under the ceiling, tubes run to nowhere and the chairs seem to come from a museum summer sale. The Persian carpets give all this an extravagant touch.

The seating has been squeezed into every conceivable corner, but sometimes it’s better to stand here. Live music is played regularly in one of the seating areas and the bar is a masterpiece of set-up art. Of course, the Renaissance candlesticks are not to be missed. Everything is timelessly absurd!

There are more than 50 seats here, the rest is filled by standing guests. But what would the bar be without great bartenders and guests of the highest culture? People cheerfully make room if someone needs to get to the bar from behind. Or sometimes it goes by silent mail, even the payment (cash only) is done with the help of the long arms of the guests.

This bar belongs on the to-do list of a sightseeing tour in Praga. We recommend going to the Zabkowski Milk Bar for lunch beforehand and then looking for something to digest at the W Oparach Absurdu bar. This will make Praga more lively than ever.

In the touristic area?
Yes | Praga District
+48 660 780 319
Zabkowska 6, 03-735 Warszawa
How to get?
METRO: The metro station "Dw. Wilenski" is 300 m away.
TAM: Get off at the "Dw. Wilenski" stop. From there it is only 300 m to Zabkowska Street.
Opening hours
Mon - Sun | 12 pm - Open End (minimum 3 am)
Suitable for large groups?
In the bar fits a lot, but I wouldn't come here late at night with too large groups
Seats at the bar
Payment methods
Only cash!
Animals are allowed, but I think it is a bit too noisy for the four-legged ones.
Free Wifi
Yes | Name: W Oparach Absurdu Gosc | PW: opary123456

Price ranges

Classic drinks
18 - 32 PLN
10 - 12 PLN
Beer (500ml)
11 - 17 PLN
Cold drinks
6 - 12 PLN
Hot drinks
6 - 12 PLN
Wine (glas)
12 - 18 PLN

Food is served in the bar, even at night, during the party.

The bar is located on Zabkowska Street, the main artery of the Praga district, for which we have prepared a separate overview.

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This bar is not barrier-free. For people with limited mobility, it gets pretty crowded here. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for them to get a drink here. Everyone just moves a little closer together.

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