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Bar Studio

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bar-studio-in-warschauDie Bar Studio im gleichnamigen Theater befindet sich im nord-östlichen Flügel des Kulturpalastes, direkt am Eingang. Die Bar wird oft als Millenials-Hochburg bezeichnet.

Why do we recommend the bar?

Our Quality Guaranty On our portal, you will find only bars that we visit ourselves for the reasons described below. Nothing appears randomly on our site.

PLEASE NOTE The bar offers only vegetarian dishes.

T he Bar Studio proves to be a true chameleon with impressive adaptability. Its entrance discreetly hides behind that of the Theater Studio, but do not be deceived. Step in confidently, and before you will stretch a well-equipped yet simple bar. The drinks, classic and uncomplicated, serve their purpose for a successful evening. There are plenty of seating options, including cozy sofas that invite you to linger.

However, at different times of the day, a completely new atmosphere emerges here. In the morning, the bar slowly awakens from its slumber and exudes a calm serenity. This is the perfect place for a delightful breakfast, which is why you can also find the bar in this category. Here, you can choose from a selection of omelets, tofu or egg toasts – straightforward and clear.

After noon, starting at 12 o’clock, a delicious pizza awaits you in a small adjacent room, naturally available in a vegetarian version as well.

Finally, when the clock strikes 6 PM, the Studio Bar is shrouded in darkness, and the candles are lit. Now is the perfect time for conversations over a beer, a refreshing cocktail, or a glass of wine before the party begins at 10 PM.

Personally, I am particularly impressed by the interior design here, which is inspired by the overall design of the 1950s Palace of Culture. High ceilings and walls adorned with (art) marble lend the space a timeless elegance.

The result of this versatility is a great atmosphere, attentive service staff, and fair prices.

In the touristic area?
Yes | Warsaw City Centre
Contact (bar)
+48 603 300 835 (mobile)
Plac Defilad 1, 00-901 Warszawa
How to get?
The entrance to the bar is right next to the main entrance of the Palace of Culture. This part can be accessed from Marszalkowska Street.
METRO: Nearby, you will find the "Centrum" and "Swietokrzyska" metro stations.
The main entrance
Opening hours
SUN - THU | 9am - 12am
FRI + SAT | 9am - 3am
Suitable for bigger groups?
There is only one large table for 8 people here. So, basically, no.
Seats at the bar
Payment methods
Cash and card payment
Animals are allowed, but I think it might be a bit too noisy for the four-legged ones.
Free Wifi
The interior of the Bar Studio

Price ranges

5 PLN / with coffee 7/13 PLN
25 - 32 PLN
Special tea
12 PLN
16 PLN
Cold beverages
5 - 7 PLN

The bar is located in the side wing of the Palace of Culture, for which we have created a separate overview.

Touristic overview
Tours with us possible

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The bar is barrier free.

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