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Vistula Boulevard

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Vistula Boulevard

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The Vistula Boulevard is almost 7 km long and the hot spot for warm evenings in summer. Want to get to know the people of Warsaw in person? In summer you can do it here!

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A guided tour?

Although Vistula Boulevard is on our list of the top 10 attractions in Warsaw, we do not offer guided tours. It happens that we end a tour here by special request, but not every attraction has to have sightseeing value in the classic way. If you book a guided tour with us, speak to our guides about this at the beginning so that they can plan the end of the route at the boulevard.

Type of the attraction
Warsaw's hotspot in the summer months. With a length of almost 7 kilometres, there is enough space for everyone, including cyclists, inline skaters or joggers.
Food trucks with international cuisine; bike paths en masse; lots of seating; cafés and bars; beautiful panoramic views, especially of the National Stadium across the river.
Address (where happens most)
Metro station "Centrum Nauki Kopernik" > If you get off here, you are right on the water, in the middle of the hot spot
How to get
Ideally, take the metro to the metro station "Centrum Nauki Kopernik" | It takes 20 minutes to walk from the Royal Route (intersection of Nowy Swiat Street and Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street) | Feel free to use the bicycles of the city's bike rental system Veturilo.

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No tours match your criteria

In principle, no guided tour is necessary here, which doesn't mean that you don't want to get an overview after all, and preferably on the spot. On our guided tours, inform the city guide in advance (private tour), then he can also end the tour there. On public tours you can get all the information you need from the guide after the tour.

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