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Vistula Boulevard

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Vistula Boulevard

per person
Image © Adrian Grycuk

walking-warsawThe Vistula Boulevard in Warsaw is almost 6 km long and the hot spot for warm evenings in summer. Want to get to know the people of Warsaw in person? In summer you can do that at the Vistula promenade!

Short description

T he Vistula Boulevard is the biggest rediscovery in Warsaw since 2010. Although Warsaw has been on the Vistula for centuries and has over 20 km of coastline, its proximity to the river was forgotten, especially between 1990 and 2010. Finally, the city decided to revitalise the Vistula and renovated almost the entire west bank. Where there were only concrete stairs before, there are now coffee houses, boats, cycle paths and a lot of space for strollers. In summer, the focus of evening life in Warsaw shifts from the city centre to the Vistula.

We recommend a walk from the north of the boulevard at the height of the Old Town southwards to the harbour, where there is also a small sandy beach. In between, guests can expect dining facilities, recreational oases and, of course, beautiful views.

In contrast to the western shore, the eastern shore is unspoilt, full of nature and numerous smaller and larger sandy beaches.

The beach at the south end of the boulevard
Type of the attraction
Boulevard at the river
Food trucks with international cuisine; bike paths en masse; lots of seating; cafés and bars; beautiful panoramic views, especially of the National Stadium across the river.
Address (where happens most)
Metro station "Centrum Nauki Kopernik" > If you get off here, you are right on the water, in the middle of the hot spot
How to get?
METRO: Take the metro to the station "Centrum Nauki Kopernik"
ON FOOT: It needs 20 minutes walk from the Royal Route (intersection of Nowy Swiat Street and Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street)

On the following map from GoogleMaps, we have entered the respective sections of the boulevard and some other attractions for better orientation. You can open the legend at the top left or click on the respective objects. If you click on the frame at the top right, you will get to the larger map (for PC).

Hot spot in summer © City of Warsaw

Guided tour with us

The Vistula Boulevard is 6th on our top 10 list of Warsaw attractions. During our private walking tour Off the beaten path we visit also the Vistula Boulevard. Also the neighbourhood has a lot to offer but is not yet as touristic as we would like to have it, and this we want to change.

Overview and booking
3 h | 110 €

Top-10 attractions in Warsaw

We visit the Vistula Boulevard during the private walking tour "Off the beaten path". 


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