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The Old Town pigeon lady

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The Old Town pigeon lady

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pigeon-lady-warsawThe Monument of the Pigeon Lady in the Warsaw Old Town is one of the most peculiar monuments of small architecture in the city. It honours a lovely woman without a great name or title.

The pigeon family in the Piwna-Street 6

This is a touristic overview of the Pigeon Lady monument. We have refrained from a detailed description because everything worth knowing could be accommodated here.

The Pigeon Lady monument is located on Piwna Street in the Old Town, for which we have prepared a separate overview.

Touristic overvew
Public and private tours
Type of attraction
Monument in the form of a high relief
In the touristic area?
Yes | Old Town
Piwna 6, 00-265 Warszawa
How to get?
ON FOOT: The Old Town can only be reached on foot. The nearest public transport or taxi stops are in Castle Square, 100 metres away.


The house in Piwna Street is popularly called “House Among the Doves”. The dove family above the house entrance in the form of a decorative high relief is clearly recognisable.

The heroine of this story is Mrs Kazimiera Majchrzak, who rented accommodation here before the war. She always bought a large quantity of grains for the pigeons in the adjacent Castle Square. She also fed her dear pigeons during the occupation. If she had no grain, she even shared her own food rations. After the war, she tried to get financial support from the city magistrate. But they refused because there were more important expenses at that time (understandable). So she paid for the food from her pension and the baskets placed in front of this house with the text “Offering for the pigeons in Warsaw’s Old Town”.

Mrs Majchrzak died in 1947.


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