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Przebendowski Palace

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Przebendowski Palace

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The Przebendowski Palace stands between two carriageways of a main road. Since its construction it has had numerous owners and functions. After World War 2 it became the seat of the Independence Museum. Unabhängigkeitsmuseums.

Wistula, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This is a touristic overview of the palace. For a detailed description, please click the button below.

In the palace today there is the Museum of Independance, for which we prepared a separate overview.

Website of the museum

The first owner Jan Jerzy Przebendowski
First half of the 18th century
Condition after WWII
Partially destroyed: Reconstructed 1948 - 1949.
Current function
Museum of Independance
In the Warsaw touristic area?
Yes | Center
Aleja Solidarnosci 62, 00-240 Warszawa
How to get
The metro station "Ratusz-Arsenal" is only a few minutes' walk away. It takes only 15 minutes to walk from the Old Town.

Short description

The first owner and namesake of the Przebendowski Palace was Jan-Jerzy Przebendowski. He belonged to the upper echelons of the Polish nobility (szlachta) and occupied political and military posts in the Royal Republic of Poland-Lithuania.

The history of the palace is marked by numerous changes of ownership, which in turn were accompanied by various adaptations of the function. The palace has served as a residence, a tenement, a café, a storehouse for works of art, a printing press or even a wax museum.

Occasionally, the palace is called Radziwill Palace, named after the last private owner of one of the oldest aristocratic families in Europe, Radziwill.

The building was 70 per cent destroyed, reconstructed in 1948-1949. Since 1991 it has housed the Independence Museum.

What about the street?

It is noticeable that there is a busy road around the palace. This is a main artery connecting eastern Warsaw with western Warsaw. Originally, the palace was to be destroyed to make way for it. But in the end it was agreed that the road would go around it. It doesn’t look good, but at least the palace is still standing. Otherwise we would have another open-air car park in Warsaw!

Our tips in the area

Jewish Historical Institute

Opposite the palace is the Historical Jewish Institute. A museum we recommend.


Renovation work was completed in 2019. The building has three floors, but meets the standards of an accessible building.

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