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Powazki Cemetery (catholic)

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Powazki Cemetery (catholic)

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powazki-cemetery-warsawThe Powazki Cemetery in Warsaw has the area of the Vatican City State and houses over 70 thousand graves, over 1 million people have been buried here. The burial place is not only the final resting place, but also a special kind of attraction. A visit is always worthwhile, especially on All Saints’ Day.

One of the most beautiful graves

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    It is not a problem to go there in the evening
    Type of attraction
    Cemetery with masterpieces of craftsmanship
    Visit to the cemetery on 1 November (All Saints' Day); wonderful graves,
    Address of the main entrance
    Powazkowska 14, 01-797 Warszawa
    How to get
    BUS: Take tourist line 180 (bus) to the "Powazkowska" stop; the entrance is on the opposite side of the street.

    Short description

    The Powazki Cemetery was consecrated in 1792, at a time when in other parts of the city, such as Warsaw’s Old Town, burial grounds were closed for sanitary reasons. It is the most famous cemetery in Poland because numerous gravestones here can be counted among the high art of sculpture. In the Avenue of the Distinguished there are also graves of famous Polish personalities.

    The cemetery covers an area of 43 hectares and contains almost 70 graves. More than a million people have been buried here.

    The cemetery is at its most beautiful in the evening hours of 1 November, on All Saints’ Day.

    In general, the Powazki cemetery means the Catholic municipal cemetery described here, which is located in the Powazki district. This cemetery is only one cemetery of a whole cemetery complex consisting of the Jewish, Islamic-Tatar, Caucasian-Islamic, Protestant-Augsburg and Protestant-Reformed cemeteries. All these cemeteries are described in other overviews.

    A masterpiece of a grave for a musician

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      All Saints Day (1 November) in the evening
    • Wheelchair accessibility
    On request, we also offer guided tours of the Powazki Cemetery or include it in a larger tour. Please use our enquiry form.


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