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Poniatowski monument

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Poniatowski monument

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The monument looks very similar to Marcus Aurelius in Rome. So do not be disappointed to see Jozef Poniatowski, who lived barely 15 centuries later.

Bild © Walking Poland

Touristic overview

This is a touristic overview of the Poniatowski monument. For a detailed description, please click on the box below.

Type of attraction
Monument | equestrian statue
Warsaw touristic area
yes | Royal Route | in front of the Presidential Palace
Krakowskie Przedmiescie 46/48, 00-072 Warszawa
How to get
Metro station "Nowy Swiat - Uniwersytet" 800m away | Bus stop "Bristol" | no tram nearby | Municipal bicycle rental system Veturilo parking lot nearby

Brief description of the monument

Although Jozef Poniatowski’s equestrian statue was completed as early as 1826, it was not erected in Warsaw until 1923. And then it was still not the last stage. After its destruction in 1944, it was first erected in a new guise in Lazienki Park, and only in 1964 did it come to rest in peace at its destination and serve as a background decoration for photographs.

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