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Price Near Old Town | Housing estate with square
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Mariensztat (Mary’s Town) in Warsaw is a small and quiet housing estate at the foot of the Royal Route, just a few minutes from Warsaw’s Old Town and Castle Square, from which only the roofs of the estate can be seen. An oasis of peace even in the high tourist season. Highly recommended for the more advanced tourists.


This is a touristic overview of the Mariensztat housing estate. For a detailed description, please click on the box below.

Type of attraction
Small housing estate with market place
In the Warsaw touristic area?
Yes | Close to the Royal Route and the Old Town; only 300 m from Castle Square
Mariensztat 3, 00-302 Warszawa
How to get
Only 5 minutes walk from the Old Town (Castle Square)

Short description

This once private town of a Polish magnate developed into an “offshoot” of Warsaw’s Old Town, to which the settlement was visibly connected by a road. During World War 2, the whole area lay in ruins. After the war, the architects decided on an alternative reconstruction. A housing estate was created consisting of two-storey residential buildings and a market place in the centre. It was one of the first housing estates in Warsaw, so there was a lot going on here.

Nowadays the area is very sleepy and forgotten. Yet Mariensztat Market Square is just 400 metres from Castle Square, the Royal Route and the Old Town. In high season, when the Old Town can’t hold the crowds and there’s hardly a square metre left in the huge Castle Square, I recommend going to Mariensztat Market Square. Take a coffee-to-go with you, something to nibble on and relax on a bench in the shade of the tree in the middle of the square. I can guarantee you that there will only be a few people there.

Eating and drinking nearby

There is only one café on the estate and we can highly recommend it. It is even on our food & drink – coffee and cake – page. The café is open from 10am to 8pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Closed on Mondays!

In addition to coffee, tea, cakes and desserts, they also serve very tasty soups.

Contact number for the café: +48-720-860-842 (mobile)


It is not easy to get around there with a wheelchair.

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Near Old Town | Housing estate with square


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