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Krasinski Palace

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Krasinski Palace

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walking-warsawThis is one of the largest palaces in Warsaw, reflecting the power and influence of the Polish magnaterie. At the same time, it is one of the least known place in the city, which are worth to visit.

This is a touristic overview of the palace. For a detailed description, please click the button below.

The palace is now a branch of the National Library. The palace is not accessible, according to the motto “looking is allowed, touching is not”.

1683 - 1688
Condition after World War II
Severely damaged
Current function
Archive of Historical Documents (branch of the National Library)
In the touristic area?
Yes | New Town (near Old Town)
Plac Krasinskich 3/5, 00-288 Warszawa
How to get
METRO: The metro station "Ratusz Arsenal" is only 650 m away
BUS: Tourist line 180 stops directly in front of the palace. Bus stop "Plac Krasinskich"
BIKE and ON FOOT: The New Town and Old Town are only 500 metres away. The palace has very good bicycle connections

Short description

Der Krasinski-Palast wurde in der zweiten Hälfte des 17. Jahrhundert von Tylman van Gameren erbaut. Der Bauherr war Jan Dobrogost Krasinski, der zu einer der bekanntesten Magnatenfamilien in Polen-Litauen gehörte. Im 19. Jahrhundert begann ein langsamer aber stetiger Zerfall des Gebäudes, bis es 1944 von der Wehrmacht zerstört wurde. Seit 1961 befindet sich im Gebäude ein Archiv historischer Dokumente.

Obwohl das Gebäude sehr imposant ist, wird es gerne übersehen. Wir empfehlen vor allem einen Erholungsspaziergang im Palastgarten.

What else is there in the palace?

There is nothing in the palace except the archival collection of the National Library.

There are also no cafés or restaurants in the immediate vicinity. In summer, however, you will come across a coffee cart making its rounds in the park belonging to the palace.

Dogs in the nearby park

Dogs are allowed in the palace garden.

There is also a dog playground directly behind the west entrance.

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