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Great Synagogue [not existent]

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Great Synagogue [not existent]

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walking-warsawIt was one of the largest synagogues in Eastern Europe until 1943. It was destroyed on 16 May 1943, the last day of the Jewish Uprising in Warsaw.


This is a touristic overview of the synagogue. For a detailed description, please click the box below.


The synagogue was blown up in 1944. It was not rebuilt. Today, a high-rise building stands on the site.

But: There is a miniature park near the Old Town where miniatures of buildings that no longer exist are exhibited. There is also a miniature of the synagogue with interior furnishings.

Condition after World War II
Destroyed. Not reconstructed.
Address (today)
Plac Bankowy 2, 00-095 Warszawa
How to get
The synagogue would stand at the metro station "Ratusz Arsenal", right next to it is the Jewish Historical Institute (Tlomackie 3/5)

Short description

This magnificent synagogue was completed in 1878 and could accommodate over two thousand worshippers. The Great Synagogue was the symbol of the successful integration of part of the Jewish population in Warsaw.

The synagogue was blown up on 16 May 1943. It was the last day of the Jewish Uprising.

Today, the blue skyscraper (błękitny wieżowiec) stands on the site. White columns on the west side of the skyscraper remind us that a synagogue once stood here.

A tipp

We can only read about the synagogue in books. But the Jewish heritage continues to live on in Warsaw.

If you want to learn more about the life of Jews in Warsaw and Poland, you should definitely visit the POLIN Museum and the Jewish Historical Institute. The institute is located right next to the aforementioned blue skyscraper.

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Near the Old Town


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