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Field Cathedral of the Polish Army

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Field Cathedral of the Polish Army

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walking-warsawThe Field Cathedral began as a Catholic wooden chapel, was converted into a Russian Orthodox church in the 19th century, and again into a Catholic church in the 20th century.


This is a touristic overview of the cathedral. For a detailed description, please click the box below.

Visit inside

In Warsaw, no entrance fee is charged to enter the houses of prayer.

Excluded is the museum located in the basement of this church, for which we have prepared a separate overview.

Website of the church

17th century
Condition after World War II
In the touristic area?
Yes | Warsaw New Town | Opposite to the church is the Warsaw Uprising Monument
+48 22 261 877 702
Dluga 13/15, 00-911 Warszawa
How to get
BUS: Bus stop "Plac Krasinskich". Tourist line 180 also runs along here.
METRO: The metro station "Ratusz Arsenal" is only 550 m away.

Short description of the cathedral

The first wooden church from 1642 was destroyed in 1656 during the Polish-Swedish War (1655-1660). The polish King Władyslaw IV. Vasa decided to build a new stone church on the same site. The construction was completed in 1701.

In 1834, Ivan Paskevich, marshal of the Russian army and governor of the Kingdom of Poland, gave the church to the Russian Orthodox Church. It was then rebuilt from 1835-1837 to conform to Byzantine architecture.

In 1916, the church was handed over to the Catholic Church and placed in the Polish Army’s service. In 1923-1927, the house of prayer was restored to its pre-1834 form.

During the Second World War, the cathedral was partially destroyed and rebuilt until 1960.

In the left wing (right entrance) is the memorial to the officers killed at Katyn in 1940.

Our tips in the area

Marie Curie Museum | 350m |

The only museum about Marie Curie in the world. Definitely worth a visit.


The cathedral is also accessible with a wheelchair. Unfortunately, there is no lift to the basement area where the museum of the Field Ordinance is located.

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    Memorial to the polish officers murdered in Katyn in 1940
  • Wheelchair accessibility


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